Humble Forex Trading Services

If you have looked into forex trading online and you feel it is a potential opportunity to make money, you may be wondering about the best way to get your feet wet and learn how to get started in forex trading.

It is important to have an understanding of the markets and methods for forex trading so that you can effectively manage the risks involved, make winning trades, and set yourself up for success in your new venture, at humble security and trading; the best is here to take you there.

Become a master forex trader by joining our master forex trading classes with the best qualified instructors, as follows:

  • Trading Basics: R2500.
  • Advanced Trading: R6000.

Humble Commercial Security Services

Commercial environments have their own unique security demands. They require an up-market image; tenants have high expectations, and security personnel need to be able to understand how to deal with the demanding public. Humble Security and Trading personnel deployed in commercial environments are specially trained in all areas of commercial security.

Humble Industrial Security Services

Industrial security officers are carefully selected and fully trained to operate within the specialised and often challenging industrial environments. They are equipped to deal with large numbers of employees, the complexity and size of industrial plants, and often, their remoteness from other developments.

Humble Shopping Centre and Retail Security Services

Humble Security and Trading Shopping Centre & Retail Security provides comprehensive protection measures to ensure the safety and security of shoppers, shop owners and staff, in order to ensure the centre remains a venue of recreation, entertainment and good business.

Other Services

  • Internal Shopping Complex Security: - security officers are trained in all aspects of security discipline, with strong emphasis on observation and visibility. Security officers also perform a public relations function and are able to provide general information regarding the relevant shopping complex to customers.
  • In-store Security: - including store operating rules and procedures, customer care, customer theft techniques, fitting room control, searching of staff, asset control, hot product management, stockroom security, cash security and key control amongst others.
  • External Shopping Complex Security: - parking areas are patrolled by officers on foot or motorised transport and are trained to spot suspicious or unusual behaviour. Their presence alone discourages potential criminal activities.
  • Integrated Technology Solutions: - including alarm systems and panic buttons, as well as CCTV systems throughout the centre monitored by officers at central control.

Forex Trading Services

God blessed the founder of Humble Security and Trading with strategies and skills to uplift other people (especially those who really want to come out of debts). Humble Forex Investiment established and became a vessel to help the society. Following is our Investment table:

Investment Amount 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
R1000.00 R2000.00 R4000.00 R8000.00
R2000.00 R4000.00 R8000.00 R16000.00
R3000.00 R6000.00 R12000.00 R24000.00
R4000.00 R8000.00 R16000.00 R32000.00
R5000.00 R10000.00 R20000.00 R40000.00
R6000.00 R12000.00 R24000.00 R48000.00
R7000.00 R14000.00 R28000.00 R56000.00
R8000.00 R16000.00 R32000.00 R64000.00
R9000.00 R18000.00 R36000.00 R72000.00
R10000.00 R20000.00 R40000.00 R80000.00
R11000.00 R22000.00 R44000.00 R88000.00
R12000.00 R24000.00 R48000.00 R96000.00
R13000.00 R26000.00 R52000.00 R104000.00
R14000.00 R28000.00 R56000.00 R112000.00
R15000.00 R30000.00 R60000.00 R120000.00
R16000.00 R32000.00 R64000.00 R128000.00
R17000.00 R34000.00 R68000.00 R136000.00
R18000.00 R36000.00 R72000.00 R144000.00
R19000.00 R38000.00 R76000.00 R152000.00
R20000.00 R40000.00 R80000.00 R160000.00

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